Working Groups

Historically, the Tournament Executive Council and the WSDC Ltd Board has facilitated working groups in areas that the WSDC Council has deemed important. The work in those groups is done through email and most recently, basecamp or google docs.

The goal of these working groups has been to research, review and prepare a list of recommendations addressing a particular area of the tournament or the organization. It is also an opportunity for all member nations to be actively involved in the ongoing development and progress of the WSDC.  Interested members of the WSDC community are encouraged to join one or more of these groups.

You will probably find the working groups most helpful if you are someone eligible under the rules to judge or coach at WSDC . To join, simply send an email to indicating the working group that you are interested in. You will then receive an email from the chair of that group asking you to join basecamp. Just follow the instructions and click the link.  You can then send a post to the group saying who you are and where you are from.

Past Working Groups:

Adjudication Issues Working Group

Hosting Working Group

New Nations Working Group

Communication and Educational Materials Working Group

Current Working Groups

Power Pairing Working Group

Chairs: Joshua Park & Mark Gabriel

Formerly the Draw Working group, this working group is now tasked with making recommendations to the power pairing rules for WSDC 2019 in Sri Lanka.

To join, contact