WSDC Organization

WSDC Ltd - the company

WSDC Ltd. – is a legal body that has been established to meet the long-term objectives of our community.

Board of Directors

A nine member elected Board forms the executive body of WSDC Ltd. Board members are elected for two year terms.


Each year, the World Schools Championship is hosted by a member country. The individual(s) who host this event are called the convenors and work closely with the Board of Directors.

Working Groups

Working Groups are comprised of members of the debate community who volunteer to discuss and recommend changes or improvements to the running of the championship each year. 

Chief Adjudicators

Chief adjudicators are appointed for each WSDC and ratified by the membership. They are experienced adjudicators and respected members of the debate community responsible for the administration of the competition.

Motions Committee

The Motions Committee is comprised of seven annually elected members of the community tasked with setting the motions for the WSDC. This group ensures  that a high standard of motions, suitable for all teams, will be set.