Motions Committee

 The Motions Committee is responsible for deciding the motions at the tournament and ensuring that they reach the Tournament Host in time to publicise prepared motions to the teams two months prior to the competition. Two members are selected by the Tournament Host and an additional five are elected by the membership. The order of the prepared motions is decided by the Tournament Host whilst the impromptu debates are assigned to the rest of the inrounds at random. The out-round motion order is selected by the Motions Committee – the final is always a prepared motion and the rest of the out-round motions are always impromptu. 

A list of motions used at WSDC over the years. Thanks to Irene McGrath of Scotland for putting this together.

Motions committee 2019

Luke Churchyard (South Africa)  
Yoni Cohen-Idov (Israel)  
Richard D’Ath (New Zealand)
Tan Teck Wei (Singapore)  
Varshini Venkatesh (India)  

The 5 individuals who were elected will be serving on the Motions Committee together with 2 further members who have been appointed by the host organising committee in Sri Lanka. The 2 appointed members are Meghal Perera (Sri Lanka) and Scott Ralston (Co-Chief Adjudicator of WSDC 2019 from Scotland).

The Motions Committee will also have 2 further 'Advisers' (non-voting members who will come in only at the final stages of the committee's deliberations to cast a fresh set of eyes over the committee's provisional lists of motions and make final recommendations regarding topic selections and/or wording). The 2 Advisers will be appointed by the WSDC Ltd Board of Directors