Meet the Board

Cindi Timmons (USA) Chair


 Cindi Timmons has been involved in debate for more than 40 years. Retired from 30 years in public schools where she coached dozens of national and state champions while winning numerous coaching awards, she has also served the speech and debate community in international, national and state leadership positions.

Tracey Lee (Canada) Vice-Chair


Tracey has been a debate coach for the past 25 years. She coached Team Canada Debate from 2009-2011, leading the 2010 team when it won the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC). She is the current Chair of the Canadian Worlds committee and has been an adjudicator or CA (2014, 2015) at Worlds since 2005.

Mark Gabriel (Singapore) Hosting Support


 Trained and qualified through the University of Cambridge, the University of London and Trinity College London,

Mark is passionate about debate as well as speech & drama and is heavily involved in the Singapore Schools debate scene. Mark was the convenor for WSDC 2015 Singapore.

Irene McGrath (Scotland) Secretary


 Irene  has been a regular at WSDC since 2003 and has twice been a member of the Chief Adjudicator’s Panel. She was the convenor of WSDC 2011 in Dundee and is proud to have coached debaters who became sibling world champions at WSDC, in 1999 and 2007. Irene is currently Head of Academic Administration at the High School of Dundee. 

David Peterson (China) Sponsorship


 David serves as Partner and Executive Director of Learning Experiences at LearningLeaders in Shanghai, China. David is also in charge of the LearningLeaders competitive debate program.

Christopher Sanchez (Germany) Officer: Finances


 Christopher Sanchez works as a full-time teacher and has served the WSDC community mainly in the capacity of judge and member of the CAP in Bangkok 2014, as member of the motions committee 2013 and 2017, convening WSDC 2016 and the annual EurOpen SDC in Stuttgart, Germany, from where he also runs the schools debating circuit as chairman of the Debating Society Germany e.V. 

Delfina Vildosola (Argentina)


Delfina is a 26 year old lawyer and debating fan. She began debating in 2004, started adjudicating in 2008 and has been coaching since 2009. In 2012 she joined the Executive Committee of the Argentine Debating Association and became its Chief Adjudicator in 2014, judging high school and university level debating competition.

Joshua Park (South Korea)



Since completing his studies at Harvard Law in 2003, Professor Park has been lecturing law and law-related subjects at various institutions in Korea, both as full-time and adjunct faculty. In 2007, he was the World Convenor for the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC) in Seoul, South Korea.

Geneva Roy (New Zealand)

Geneva is currently studying at the University of Oxford, and has been involved in debating since 20

 Geneva is currently studying at the University of Oxford, and has been involved in debating since 2013. Originally from New Zealand, Geneva was captain of the national team at WSDC in 2017, and has adjudicated a Semi-Final and a Final at WSDC in 2018 and 2019 respectively. Geneva has also spoken, adjudicated, coached and convened in England and New Zealand, in both school and university circuits. 

Andrew Finch (England)


Scott Wunn (USA) Officer: Equity


J. Scott Wunn has been the Executive Director of the National Speech & Debate Association since 2003. He began his career with the Association as a forensic coach and classroom instructor in 1993.  During his 10-year coaching career, Scott’s students experienced great success including several national finalists and the 2002 national championship in Humorous Interpretation.