Frequently Asked Questions About Membership fees


I was already a member of WSDC. Do I now have to pay the membership fee?


Yes, if you wish to continue as a member.  Bye laws were passed at the 2011 AGM which empowered the Board of Directors to set fees for membership as a method of fundraising. The collection of membership fees was temporarily suspended as the governance structure of the WSDC was reorganized; however, beginning with WSDC 2019, membership fees will be collected from each delegation attending the championship.

Who does the fee cover?


The membership fee of $50 is applied to the national delegation (covers the debaters, coach, Team manager and official adjudicator) competing at the WSDC for that year. 

What does the fee cover?


Membership status is granted for one year (12 months) allowing a member nation to participate at the WSDC and vote at the AGMs (tournament and online).

What if multiple organizations from the same country pay the membership fee. Can we all attend ?


No, only one national delegation can attend the WSDC. Competing organizations who pay the membership fee for the same WSDC will trigger the protocol for determining who attends. Please note, membership fees will not be fully refunded  so the organization that is not selected to send a team to the WSDC may forfeit the fees paid.

What if a national delegation is unable to pay the membership fee? Can they still attend the WSDC ?


The membership fee must be collected from all national delegations in order to participate in the WSDC. If a national delegation is unable to pay the $50 membership fee, but is still accepted as a participating nation at the tournament by the OrgCom, then the hosts assume responsibility for paying the membership fee to the WSDC Ltd. 

Is there a discount for new nations?


At this time, there is no discount for new nations.